Hello lovely ladies. So.. lately I have been feeling a bit uninspired (Okay, a LOT ) and I just came up with the idea of opening a new segment, if you might call it that, in my blog that is about INSPIRATION. How to get to that Inspired point in which we just feel driven to […]

Inner Beauty – How to feel pretty ♥~

 Version en Español Aqui ♥ We’ve all had our days where we feel like we are the ugliest girls alive. Our hair is a mess, our skin looks horrible and we just can’t wait until its bedtime just so we can be away from everyone and go to sleep in hopes of waking up looking […]

How to Find Your Own Style!~

    Growing up (and even afterwards) finding your true fashion self can be a little tricky. I, for instance when through a couple of “stages” until I kind-of-found my style. But, thanks to all the long, hot I-only-wear-dark-clothes past days of mine I am now aware my likes and dislikes when it comes to […]