Egg Facial Mask! Let tighten and moisturize those pores (and treat Acne) !!

As I type these words, my face is being tightened up by the wonderfulness of the egg facial mask. This is a mask I tend to do every now and then, and which I love, because of how easy it is, and how it feels. The protein in the egg makes wonders to your skin, […]

Mac Mini Haul ~ ♥

 Hello pretty ladies! I got some MAC products on the last couple of weeks and I wanted to share my mini Mac Haul with you gals! The first thing I got (and was DYING to own) was the MAC 217 brush! I have seen and heard such amazing things I just HAD to get my […]

Belleza Interior – Como sentirse Bonita! ♥~

 English Version Here♥ Todas tenemos esos dias en los que nos sentimos Horribles, feas, gordas, etc. Nuestro pelo esta hecho un desastre! nuestra piel se ve horrible y nos creemos las mas ogras y feas del planeta entero!!! Bueno, no mas!Todo es sobre la perspectiva desde la cual veas las cosas y hoy compartire un […]

Inner Beauty – How to feel pretty ♥~

 Version en Español Aqui ♥ We’ve all had our days where we feel like we are the ugliest girls alive. Our hair is a mess, our skin looks horrible and we just can’t wait until its bedtime just so we can be away from everyone and go to sleep in hopes of waking up looking […]