Hello lovely ladies. So.. lately I have been feeling a bit uninspired (Okay, a LOT ) and I just came up with the idea of opening a new segment, if you might call it that, in my blog that is about INSPIRATION. How to get to that Inspired point in which we just feel driven to be the best we could be, how to become the best we can be, and how to not only believe in ourselves, but work or push ourselves to actually commit to the things we think we cannot accomplish or always set aside for later. 

In this new category I will be posting everything from pictures to songs that make me feel happy and might be a “mood lifter” to my own personal writings (I tend to type words that sound nice put together sometimes), and inspirational quotes.

I have been slacking on being the best I can be, and this will become my own little personal world in which I come to remind myself and others that we can be awesome (or more awesome)  if we just change our perspective on things, and most importantly, ourselves. 



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