Mac Mini Haul ~ ♥

mac-mini-haul-mac-fix-spray-mac-select-cover-up-mac-217-brush-mac-oil-makeup-remover-moisturizing cream

 Hello pretty ladies! I got some MAC products on the last couple of weeks and I wanted to share my mini Mac Haul with you gals!

The first thing I got (and was DYING to own) was the MAC 217 brush! I have seen and heard such amazing things I just HAD to get my hands on it, and I did, TWICE as you can see. I got the first brush (for eyeshadow) In a MAC store  in Dominican Republic and the second a couple of days later in New York City. I also got the Select Cover Up Concealer in D.R. (I had to upgrade my concealer before leaving to NYC)


The day before I left, I went into a MAC store, just wanting to buy something and picked a Mac Fix + , pictured below.




While already in NYC I went into a MAC store, and actually behaved very well for a makeup-holic. I picked another 217 brush, and two travel size items I had not packed (Blame me and my late packing). I picked an Oil Makeup Remover and Studio Moisture Cream, two items I really needed due to the cold and the… well, makeup.



Ps. You’re beautiful


An Unfinished Book is like an Unfinished Love Affair.~


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