You can avoid using false eyelashes and maybe having the embarassing experience of them un-gluing while you are out with this quick and easy tips on how to get the best out of your eyelashes! It’s very quick and easy, and all you will need is an eyelash brush, and a mascara. (Optional, mascara base -white mascara).

  • eyelash-brushThe first thing you’re going to need is an eyelash brush, which look like this

You are going to start by brushing your eyelashes upwards, so that they start extending. You can do this as much as you need to get them as long as you can. This elongates the lashes and prepares them for the mascara.

Curl only the root of your lashes.

(Optional: Use eyelash “base” -white mascara)

The second step is to apply your mascara. Now, apply it while bringing the lashes out, to make sure that you are not only applying product, but getting them as long as you can as well. Apply as many layers as needed.

Brush them again. It will avoid having lumps in your lashes, and it will elongate them even more, since they now have the mascara and are thicker.


This tip will give you thick, long lashes 😀


Thanks for reading; Hope you enjoyed!!! ♥





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