Makeup for Dark Skin “Tutorial”


My camera finally works and I can upload decent posts now.  I won’t lie, I love taking my little sister and playing with her hair and makeup. She’s my live doll, and in this occasion I did a gorgeous eye makeup that I feel complemented her skin perfectly, and I even decided to film a video on it afterwards. Here are the pictures and written instructions.


makeup-for-dark-eyes        makeup-trends-2013

Eye Makeup

  • I started applied a light/medium brown on the crease of the eye, to give depth before I moved into the light color. I applied it in a windshield motion until a little bit outside the exterior corner of the eye. (The whole look was created with the Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette)
  • Afterwards, I took a slightly orange color and applied on the lid, making sure to also take it a little bit outside eye, to make the look more “cat eye-ish” and make the colors stand out more.
  • I went back to the crease (this time with a darker brown) and applied it on the crease, making sure to blend the colors and make sure the color showed only in the outer corners of the crease.
  • I applied the same dark brown in the bottom lid, and later connected that brown to the brown that came from the crease
  • I cleaned up the eye to make sure it did not look like a mess on the outside corners of the eye
  • I applied black liquid eyeliner, winged.
  • I applied two coats of Maybelline The Falsies Mascara.


I completely love this look on her. I think it complements her skin wonderfully and can be worn with both a casual outfit as with a simplistic elegant one as well.

 I hope you enjoyed and Thanksfor reading!

It is no one but us who has power over our lives!”


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