Belleza Interior – Como sentirse Bonita! ♥~

 English Version Here♥ Todas tenemos esos dias en los que nos sentimos Horribles, feas, gordas, etc. Nuestro pelo esta hecho un desastre! nuestra piel se ve horrible y nos creemos las mas ogras y feas del planeta entero!!! Bueno, no mas!Todo es sobre la perspectiva desde la cual veas las cosas y hoy compartire un […]

Inner Beauty – How to feel pretty ♥~

 Version en Español Aqui ♥ We’ve all had our days where we feel like we are the ugliest girls alive. Our hair is a mess, our skin looks horrible and we just can’t wait until its bedtime just so we can be away from everyone and go to sleep in hopes of waking up looking […]

Makeup of the Day (MOOD)

So last night I felt like doing makeup on someone else, and Oh, poor little sister of mine had to sit down and let me do her makeup. After all, that’s what little sisters are for, right ? Some pics down below =) Enjoy   Asi que anoche me dio con querer maquillar a otra […]