Where to Get THE Gold Metal Plated Belt (a.ka. My Current Obsession)



In case you’ve missed the latest red carpet events or fashion shows, I have a scoop for you : Plated metal is -and will be- the next ‘It trend’. The gold metal plated accesories are everywhere right now, from handbags to belts, to caps, to trench coats. You name it, and somewhere someone is plating it. This little baby is so ultra CHIC, it simply transforms any outfit and turns it up a notch. I can see this being wore with elegant dresses, casual dresses, spring dresses, blazers, skirts high-low skirts…

Putting together an outfit for it, piece of cake. Finding one that is affordable, though, might not be so easy. I spent yesterday afternoon looking it up online, and If you -like me- are in the search for the cutest, most affordable gold metal plate belt, this is your lucky day, gorgeous… Links below.

  • This  topshop belt is a good option if you like studs. It’s US$50 (Not sure how affordable this might be to American girls)
  • This ASOS double plated and Spike details belt is My second favorite. It’s $26.31 with free shipping. ASOS has several belts, so it’s a site definitively worth checking out. I lovedddd this one, but I am not a fan of the spikes, so it won’t be my first choice, but I def see myself getting this one pretty soon. So lovely!

Ok, so the next two are pretty much the same

(even regarding price), with a SLIGHT difference (that could be significant)

  • The first, the Ebay option is very cute and elegant-looking in my opinion, and it has a black leather strap which goes with pretty much anything and makes any outfit look elegant. It’s Approx. US $20.65. The back part has an all-black strap.
  • The second one, AND MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE  is from ministryofretail.com. It’s $20.80. As you can see, if you inspect every detail like me, the back part has Metal detailing, which I think makes not only the belt look more expensive-ish and elegant, but makes it very very very chic. Specially if you wear it with a semi-bare back. It’s also adjustable. This is my ultimate favorite because it’s simple, it’s adorable, and I can see myself rocking it with an all-black outfit




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