Burberry Prorsum AW 2013


The Burberry Prorsum London Fashion Week show made me fall in love all over again. It also made me very excited to see how this year’s fashion trends will unfold.

I fell in love with it as soon as it started, and may I say that everything from the minimalistic runway to the details in every piece of clothing made me fall no-money-left-in-the-bank in love!~

Some of the trends that caught my eye:

GOLD METAL PLATING: It is SO IN RIGHT NOW! and I am excited. I love the futuristic/chic air it gives any outfit. This is a trend that promises to stay for a while, and I -my ladies- hope its a long one. This trend is not only being used in the gold plated belts, but also in small details and accesories, coats, handbags, and shoes.

PRINTS, PRINTS, PRINTS A mixture of prints were fiercely walked down the runway. Jiraffe prints, heart prints, leopard prints, you name it, you mix it. Dressing has never been this easy.

Leather in the Trench Coats: Another trend I loved. I thought it was a very innovative way of implementing leather in other garments. The leather part was mostly in the shoulder area, as you can notice if you notice the model behind Cara in the collage below

Holding your handbag by the bottom was also a trend impossible to miss. This seems to be the NEW way to hold your handbag since Fashion-related people such as Victoria Beckham have also been spotted holding their handbags this way. (In case I’m not explaining myself very well, hold them between your arm and body, instead of having them hanging them from your arm)

This year promises to be exciting, fashion lovers!~


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