Makeup Look by Moi ~


So… remember this???

I was asked to do someone’s makeup and this is the look that we decided would complement the dress in the way that we wanted to do so. I was also the one to do her hair and style her in general. It was fun. 🙂

This was a makeup that was done with many drugstore products and was very easy to do. Steps and more info below

I started off by applying primer, and then I applied L’Oreal True Match Foundation with a beauty blender in both the face and neck. I lather moved on to the eyes, starting with a Mineral Eye Primer, and moving on to contouring the eyes and then started applying the black eyeshadow. The way I did was that I first lined the eyes in the shape I wanted them to be, and then filled it in after both eyes were good-to-go and matching. Afterwards, I took a blending brush and smoothed away the edges, everywhere, but specially in the end. I then took a little Chestnut colored Elf Matte Eyeshadow and applied in on her crease right where the black eyeshadow met the crease, to make the color blend it better with her skin tone.

Later, I applied some Elf Concealer under her eyes and all the way up to her temple. Tapping it in with warm fingers so that it blended it better with her skin. I also applied some concealer on the bridge of her nose, her forehead and her chin to give her face some light.

Afterwards I contoured her face,  neck, and nose, with the bronzing powder from elf, and applied mineral blush in the shade Blush. For the lips,  she was applied a rosey-pinkish shade of lipstick which was afterwards topped with a little bit of gloss on strategic points to make her lips look more plumped. Afterwards a red Cyzone lipstick was ever-so-slighty tapped into her lips for a more reddish effect.


For the hair, we did a very stylish, yet always easy – to – do Sock Bun.

We tied her hair in a high pony tail, and afterwards took a cut sock and placed it in her pony tail. We then took her hair and circled it around the sock, giving it that stylish Perfect-Elegant-Stylish Bun effect.

Hope you thought it was cute :p

Thanks for reading!



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