How to Find Your Own Style!~



Growing up (and even afterwards) finding your true fashion self can be a little tricky. I, for instance when through a couple of “stages” until I kind-of-found my style.

But, thanks to all the long, hot I-only-wear-dark-clothes past days of mine I am now aware my likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion, and what type of clothing fits my persona.


So, lets start this never-ending journey of finding your style, embracing it, and implementing it.




Yes, the first thing you have to do to find your style is THINK. You need to ponder on how you WANT to dress (even if it now doesn’t seem as a possibility), what makes you feel comfortable and how you want to portray your personality to the world. 


You need to think about what goes more with you without trying to be something or someone you are not. Because, in the end, this will just make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and you will never be able to fully portray yourself as someone with confidence if you do not feel comfortable in what you are wearing or in your own skin. 




Pick up a MAGAZINE… OR TWENTY! Look at magazines, blogs, fashion personalities, or even people in your neighbourhood for inspiration and for styles. Taking a glance at the different types of styles there are will help you see which is more fitting for you.


Now, DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF to the styles you might find. You can be a combination of two, three, or can be a beautiful chameleon that can have different styles because your personality can’t be “boxed” into one style, as yours truly! EMBRACE YOUR STYLE AND/ OR CREATE YOUR OWN.

Nowadays many new styles are flourishing, and the more unique someone dresses the more attention they get, because most people are used to confine themselves to the “punk”/”preppy”/”classy” limitations, not understanding the beauty of mixing some.




It does not matter if you want to dress preppy, but don’t look like Olivia Palermo. You are yourself, unique in your own way, and that is exactly what makes you beautiful. SO, my darling you, have some confidence. Don’t limit yourself to thinking you cannot dress elegantly because you are not wealthy, or that you cannot wear cute, girly dresses because you are fat. Please, don’t. Do both of us a favor and show the world just ow special you are, regardless of all your insecurities. 



This one is extremely important!!! It does not matter if you are Angelina Jolie or the fat girl from the block, if you don’t stick to what flatters you you WILL NOT LOOK GOOD, regardless of how beautiful a piece of clothing might be or how high the cost of it was. You must learn how to work with your assets, (’cause we all have those) so that the focus is not on your not-so-flattering parts. This point is so important I will make a future post about body shapes and what works best for them. 



Explore with different styles. Don’t get stuck on what you think you would wear because “you’re a girl, you’re a mom, you’re forty, you’re a cheerleader…”  



You might realize you really love trends you never thought you would (I, for instance, have sort of fallen in love with prints after having hated them years ago. My style has changed dramatically). Keep your mind open to different pieces and styles, and you will be able to merge any two, three, four, twenty, a million styles together into what makes beautiful you in the trendiest of ways. 



Don’t go crazy and all nazi on yourself. HAVE FUN! Fashion is an art form and is meant to be fun, it’s meant to be experienced with and played with, among other serious things. Don’t hold back (unless you feel like dressing like an all-orange-alien wearing cowboy boots). Again, have FUN. Life is a trip which is meant to be enjoyed, dressed as chic as possible.




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