CyZone Cyº Cheek-a-chic Blush Review


A couple of years ago while in High School I was introduced by a friend to this brand:  cyzone

At first, what caught my eye was the colorful and extra-girly catalog that she presented to us on a monthly basis trying to sell us the products. After a while, the products sold themselves.

This blushes are WONDERFUL! They are one of those gems that you want to let go of after having discovered them.The Colors are amazing, and they last the wholeeeee entire day! This blushes belong to the type that you can wear the beginning of the morning to the end of your daily journey.


They are highly pigmented, which means a) That you have to apply just a slight amount of them and b) That they will last a lifetime. In my picture, I only took a big powder brush and took and I was able to aply it to both of my cheeks. And I took from the lid!! Haha they’re just wonderful once you get the hang of it.

(They are a latinamerican brand. I live in Dominican Republic)

~ * ~

Los rubores Cyzone son de esas gemitas que no quieres soltar cuando las encuentras. Los colores son maravillosos, y se aplican a la piel difuminandose y matizandose con el resto de tu maquillaje para dar un acabado natural y perfecto que tiene de durabilidad todo el dia.


Estas bellezas tienen un solo “problema” (que no es nisiquiera un problema y les explicare en un tantito por que): Son MUY pigmentados. O sea, tan pigmentados que me los aplico con una brocha de polvo desde la tapa del contenedor y me da para ambos lados de la cara a full color! Esto, por el otro lado, tambien significa que el rubor promete durar meses y meses y meses.

Perfecto para el invierno !


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