Tarte Amazonian Clay 12- Hour Full Coverage Foundation


This little baby has taken me by surprise and awed me in Oh, so many ways.

Introduced to it by a friend, I bought this feeling very skeptical about it. Little did I know I was about to fall head-over-heels in love.

This foundation is not thick at all, nor is it oily, and it gives the skin that velvet-skin look that we all covet.  The application is very easy and you can get a medium to full coverage depending on the application method. This is such a good foundation that using a setting powder is an option, not a must.

It works like the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup, because all the colors show perfectly and blend in smoothly with the foundation, avoiding that “cakey” effect.  I, personally, forgot about other foundations as soon as I started using this one.  It is my FAVORITE foundation so far. I was not a fan of using foundations, and didn’t tend to use them, but whenever I am going out I can’t resist the Tarte Effect. It is water-resistant, so it can be even be used for a pool day, and God knows I have plenty of them. Thanks to this baby I can still have  a flawless skin for hours and hours to come regardless of where I am at.

I normally apply it with a dampened Beauty Blender, to get a medium coverage that gives me that no-makeup effect, for a daily use. I will upload a video review of this product very soon.

Definitively, A MUST-TRY !

~ * ~

Esta bebe me ha tomado por sorpresa y me ha sorprendido de Ay, tantas maneras! 

Introducida a la marca por una amiga, no estaba muy segura de que me gustara el producto cuando lo pedi.  Poco sabia yo que estaba en camino a quedar super enamorada! Esta base no es para nada grasosa, y se esparce sobre la piel con gran facilidad, dejandola suave y sedosa. No es necesario utilizar polvo despues de la base y dependiendo de la aplicacion, la cobertura puede ser de mediana a completa. Cualquiera que sea la cobertura, es garantizado que funcionara como el canvas perfecto para los colores que vayas a utilizar y se va a mezclar perfectamente con todos los otros productos utlizados, evitando el efecto “cakey”.

Es a prueba de agua y tiene proteccion solar, asi que es perfecto para esos dias de playa – y Dios sabe que tengo muchos. Gracias a esta bebe puedo ir a la playa o piscina y aun lucir una piel radiente y libre de imperfecciones.

Normalmente me lo aplico con un Beauty Blender previamente mojado, para que el efecto de la base sea mas natural y parezca que no estoy usando base alguna.

Definitivamente, un producto que se DEBE PROBAR!!!


You can Buy it Here!!

Disclaimer: I am not getting any commission for placing the Product’s link in the post, I did so to facilitate the purchase to the dolls that do wanna try it out.

Thanks for Reading; Have a nice Day, and Remember: It’s Only Makeup~



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