If not now, When?!

We’ve all had those days. We feel the urge, the need, the desire to do THAT something that makes us feel alive. That something that will make us feel like we are acomplishing our dream, (or one of them) …Which will change the way we feel about ourselves and which will change the dynamic of our lives, forever.

But something always comes up.

The timing is just not right. I should wait until the kids get older. Maybe I am not prepared well enough. I just – I’m not ready. I can’t do it. It won’t be any good. I should/will wait until the PERFECT time, when everything and absolutely everything is in order. I don’t know how to start. It’s difficult.  I just…. 

Yeah, I’ve been there. Just turned 20 and already limiting myself to the negative comments my diffident mind has to say. Already ruled by fear. Already setting myself for failure and utter limitation.

So to you lovely readers, and myself, I ask the following:



Regardless of what many of us want to believe, there will be no magical SIGN telling you this is the right moment for you to start living your dreams and becoming who you want to become. There will be no fairy whispering into your ear to follow your dreams or no drums to announce the birth of a magnificent idea. No… NO. This is all you get. X amount of days, Air in your lungs, a thought, a burning desire, the knowledge and POWER to be great. The means to get as far as you want in life, if you simply (and literally) put your whole mind and heart to it. When you become the best you can be. When you work for it. When you understand that the best time, that time you are so desperately waiting for IS NOW.

THIS is your time to be great! This is your time to shine and accomplish all the things you want to, while you can. This is your time to make mistakes. This is your time to be courageous, brave; to reach out for what you want to. You don’t have to be young. You don’t have to limit yourself because you’ve reached a certain age. If you are breathing, you are capable of changing your train of thoughts, and therefore your life. You are capable of changing yourself.

If you think you are not good enough – don’t. People do not reach excellence by doubting themselves. They reach it by trusting themselves, by training themselves, by pushing themselves, by being the best they can possibly be.

Please get out there.

STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF. BELIEVE you ARE the person you want to be, TRUST you can get to that point in your life you want to reach. Have FAITH in your ideas, Have faith in yourself. Take it step by step. Take it week, by week. But please, start right now.

I promise you, it/you will only get better from here.



Best of luck,



Hello lovely ladies. So.. lately I have been feeling a bit uninspired (Okay, a LOT ) and I just came up with the idea of opening a new segment, if you might call it that, in my blog that is about INSPIRATION. How to get to that Inspired point in which we just feel driven to be the best we could be, how to become the best we can be, and how to not only believe in ourselves, but work or push ourselves to actually commit to the things we think we cannot accomplish or always set aside for later. 

In this new category I will be posting everything from pictures to songs that make me feel happy and might be a “mood lifter” to my own personal writings (I tend to type words that sound nice put together sometimes), and inspirational quotes.

I have been slacking on being the best I can be, and this will become my own little personal world in which I come to remind myself and others that we can be awesome (or more awesome)  if we just change our perspective on things, and most importantly, ourselves. 



Contouring & Highlighting using Foundation / Contorno e Iluminacion de la Cara usando Base !

If you are going for that Kim Kardashian look, but don’t know exactly how to just make your cheekbones look celestial this is the tutorial for you. Using Foundation I teach you how to contour and highlight your face so you can have a natural-looking contour and can change the shape of your face  dramatically – should you want to. Hope you enjoy! ♥ Remember, makeup is a supplement, not a necessity. Have a Happy Day ~

Si quieres que tu rostro se vea tan perfecto como el de Kim Kardashian pero no tienes ni idea de como hacer que tus pomulos se vean celestial este es el tutorial para ti. Utilizando solo base les enseno a acentuar el marco de tu cara y a iluminarla para que tengas un contorno de aspecto natural, con la posibilidad de alterar las facciones, si asi lo deseas. Espero que disfruten el tutorial ♥ Recuerden, el maquillaje es un suplemento, no una necesidad !! ~ Feliz dia 



Remember, makeup is a supplement, not a necessity. Have a Happy Day ~

Egg Facial Mask! Let tighten and moisturize those pores (and treat Acne) !!


As I type these words, my face is being tightened up by the wonderfulness of the egg facial mask. This is a mask I tend to do every now and then, and which I love, because of how easy it is, and how it feels. The protein in the egg makes wonders to your skin, and this is an easy, quick facial mask every female should include in her beauty  regimen.

The facial egg mask consists of separating the egg (the egg whites & the yolk) and applying both on your face, in that order.

Step 1. Apply the egg whites and let them sit on your face until it dries, and you feel your face really really tight. Try really hard not to laugh while doing this, because if you do I feel the whole process will be for nothing since your face will tighten up to the lines your laugh created, or you would have to apply another layer, like I do when that happens to me. Rinse off with cold water if you are going to limit yourself to step 1, or warm water to keep the pores open for step 2, As you prefer.  The egg whites will tighten your pores,  diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces oil in oily skin and make the skin glow. It also -when air dried- treats acne.

Step 2. Apply the egg yolk over your face, and let it dry (10-15 minutes). This, also, will feel tight around your face and will tighten your face to the point to which it will be hard to talk. The egg yolk contains retinoids, usually the main ingredient in many anti-aging products, which help the skin have a youthful glow. They will also moisturize your skin, and cleanse the skin by eliminating excess oil that would cause acne formation.


* to further tighten your skin rub your face with an ice cube after rinsing off the mask.
* You can use a warm cloth and place it on your face for several minutes to open the pores and make it more effective
* This can also be used on the back of your thighs to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
*The last rinse off should be with cold water to close the pores and seal everything in.

Thanks for reading! Have an amazing day !